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It is becoming evident that 2020 will be defined by the word “pivot”. We are in an unprecedented environment today in that the entire world is experiencing crisis at the same time. Crisis is something that happens to everyone at some point in their life, often at multiple points, but never with so many others in crisis at the same time. Today, we are all suffering together, with very few able to reach a helping hand.

Pivot is not easy. For anyone. Especially when forced. Humans are creatures of habit. We find a rhythm, get into a groove, and make our way through life. When crisis comes along, that rhythm is disrupted. Situations and events create emotions that drive behaviors out of the norms, and we become off balance.

Our business world is completely off balance. Pivot has come to mean survival. Business has been forced to change faster and further than ever before. The process of change has been wiped away and immediate innovation has taken center stage.

Pivot will be a part of our daily life for a long time to come. We will forever be impacted by our ability to adapt and change quickly. We will think differently, plan different, act different and move through change different.

Dare I say, we may even find change to be easier as we move forward. Improvise, adapt, and overcome. I first heard it in the Marines. I have never lived it louder than I am today. Are you?

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