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Normal Is Not Coming Back - and that makes me happy

There has been a lot of talk about returning to normal, and it is easy to get caught up and excited about the idea. Truth be told, nothing will be the same again. Having endured this as a country, our collective thoughts and attitudes have changed. Some for the better, others, not so much.

One of the most impressive things I have seen come from this global pause is the reduction of the effects of pollution. The waters in Venice were clear enough to bring the dolphins back. People in India discovered they can see the Himalayan mountains I hope that normal pollution does not return.

We have seen families learn how to spend time together. Even (unique to our normal times) going on a walk in the clear air. According to the grocery shelves, we are cooking and baking at home; though I really wonder about that one. Maybe as children were being homeschooled, they had a good ole fashioned home economics class. I hope that this doesn't change when normal returns.

Technology saved the day when it comes to working and school. Organizations that had been resisting change were forced to embrace technology and move into the new world. It wasn't easy, and even though we have been at it for a few weeks, one can still see a cat join a video conference every now and then

. May we never go back to normal.

There is so much more good that has come out of this that we can look back a see that normal really wasn't so good after all. Change is never easy, but given enough time, we can always find the good in change.

Now, can we get back to hanging out with people we love - that's one normal we are all craving.

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